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Vision Charter Academy Course Catalog for 2021/2022
High School Grades K-8
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  • Willyn Webb
    Executive Director

  • Caryn Braddy
    Assistant Director


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VCA is a tuition free public charter school serving grades K-12 in the counties in Delta, Montrose, Mesa and Gunnison Counties.

Our mission: Individualized education through partnerships with families and communities.

Our heart: Learners in the program develop an Individualized learning plan in consensus with their parents and HQC (Highly Qualified Coordinator), who support the development of the learner's and family's unique interests.

Our expertise: Individualized education offering our families 20 years of operating experience and support.

Our philosophy: VCA emphasizes individual learning, family partnerships, and community partnerships.

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  • 263 Main Street, Unit 1
    Delta, Colorado 81416
  • Phone (970) 874-8336
    Fax (720) 897-0436
  • Hours of operation
    Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm